Thursday, June 01, 2006

10 must-see movies you haven't seen part I

(March 10, 2006)

Forget new releases, go scoop up one of these DVD's from Netflix or your local rental store. You'll save a few bucks and see a better film.

Elephant Man - David Lynch's most profound work. The film engages you emotionally in a way that very few can. Not as abstract as other Lynch films, but this is probably his best effort ever.

Chinatown - My old film school professor Rob Tuscani used to insult our filmmaking prowess by telling us "we're not making f***ing Chinatown." No kidding. Only a fool would try to reconstruct perfection.

Network - Along with Pulp Fiction, the greatest dialogue of the past thirty years. Period. One of my all-time favorites.

The Apartment - Jack Lemmon's best performance. Big laughs, big tears, big drama. We don't make films like this anymore. We should.

Abre Los Ojos - The "real" Vanilla Sky. Check out what the film was like before Tom and Cameron took their crack at it. Penelope Cruz also stars in this version.

Romper Stomper - The Australian American History X. However, this film is more visceral, more real than that film. The reason Russell Crowe became a huge film star.

Chopper - Another Australian film, this one stars a young Eric Bana. If you like Natural Born Killers, then this is right up your alley.

In the Name of the Father - Daniel Day Lewis gives one of the finest film performances that I have ever witnessed. Pete Postlewaite (he was the lawyer Kobayashi in the The Usual Suspects) is also stellar in this Irish film.

Rodger Dodger - A recent film that flew way under the radar. An insecure New York City suit tries to get his visiting seventeen-year-old-virgin nephew laid. Hilarity ensues...

The Warriors - The new video game might have opened some eyes to this gem, but I have a feeling that it still remains an unknown commodity to many of you out there. Watch the original before Tony Scott (who I am actually a fan of) releases his garbage L.A.-gangland-inspired remake.

Part II coming soon...


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